Initiate – New Member of the Guild

  • No Requirements

Wolf of the Pack – Proven Member

  • Must be a Werewolf
  • Must own the Guild Tabard

Dire Werewolf – Elite Member

  • Must have already been promoted to Wolf of the Pack
  • Must have Maxed out Werewolf (Level 10)
  • Must have biten somebody and turned them into a werewolf
  • Must have joined the guild at least two weeks previous.

The Hunt’s Voice – Officer

Positions will be avaiable over time, and as the guild grows. Members must prove themselves, by helping to recruit, joining activities etc.

  • Qfa – Community Officer, Banker and Emcia’s Assistant
  • Raveniqe – Head Tank and PvE Officer
  • Artaniel – Head Healer and PvE Officer

Left Claw & Right Claw – Seribii’s Most Trusted

These two positions are the seats of authority in the guild. They run things when Seribii is away and even have key sway in any decisions that are to be made.

  • Left Claw :
  • Right Claw : Emcia

Leader of the Pack – Seribii

Leader of the guild. Overlord of all he Surveys. The One And Mighty.