Guild Recruitment Rules

  1. We are a werewolf guild first and foremost. All members must be werewolves, or have the desire to become one. We have the facilities to bite members and alts.
  2. Any member has to be involved in at least one of our activities. While it doesn’t mean having a key role, it does involve to take part in whatever activity you enjoy or you’d like to see more present in the guild. We recruit members, not ghosts.

Community Rules

  1. No matter where someone is from, what gender they are, what sexuality they hold, what daedric prince they worship. We treat all players the same, within and outside the guild. discriminating someone is a kickable offence and will be dealt with severely.
  2. Help other people out and join in. The guild is a community and should be treated as such. Encourage people who are unsure to try new things out but don’t force them. Some people are a lot more confident than others.
  3. Keep a mature enviroment. You cannot guess peoples’ ages online. So keep swearing and such to a bearable minimum. This is not a banning of it. Jurst remember to be courteous. Unless you are using one of the other rooms and it is agreed for that room.
  4. No playing music loudly on Discord. This is a general place for gathering, and people want to talk. Not listen to someone else’ music.

PvE Rules

  1. Everyone loves PvE. If anyone needs help, please ablige them. Some content cannot be tackled alone, and everyone needs assistance at some point.
  2. An unspoken rule of dungeon running is that loot is shared. If you gain loot that would help someone else in the group. Offer it to them. Again, every little helps and something like that can make another’s day.
  3. Keep a relaxed enviroment for guild groups. Some people are more skilled than others. Communicate, try to help each other. Don’t get mad, because that tends to lead to others not wanting to help you with anything.

PvP Rules

  1. Much the same rules as PvE. Be respectful to others in your group and take no prisoners.


Most important rule : Stay out of Seribii’s throne.

This is punishable by death. And later devourment. Then death again.